Robin Mehdee
Hi, I’m Robin Mehdee, a Florida based photography hobbyist, focusing mostly on nature & wild life. I also do conceptual arts. Overall, I’m a photographer by passion & Web Technologist by profession. I’m a son, a husband and a proud dad of a beautiful little princess.

Robin Mehdee

photographer . coder . maker


Robin Mehdee is an astute Web Developer with a background in e-commerce & consumer-focused web development, and strategic process improvement, having delivered creative” On-Demand Development Solutions” that enhance business operations and return on investments. From conceptualizing ideas with business executives, designing, integrating and improving web user experience to collaborating with teams on shared code base, Robin has consistently led web development & integration.

To say the least, he literally waltzes through the front end and back end of frameworks, and software & web technologies, UI/UX wielding a magic wand. Robin believes that developing & integrating technologically optimized processes not only reduce costs but also enhance the efficiency of organizational operations is the solution to numerous challenges plaguing diverse businesses.

To this end, Robin’s focus is now geared towards expanding on his knowledge and experience in developing Websites and consumer focused UI/UX that enhances business growth in the areas of scalability, documentation, operations & planning. Robin also enjoys making new professional acquaintances and photography. Robin is a hobbyist photographer based in South Florida.

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Robin Mehdee, As a Photography Hobbyist