How to Modify Shopify Shipping Estimated Delivery Date

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Shopify Shipping Estimated Delivery Dates

You only can do this if you have Shopify plus subscription. If you’re not using Shopify plus please read this post instead.

You have to add codes in checkout.liquid or you can create a CSS asset (checkout.css / checkout.scss.liquid).

Shopify Modify Shipping Estimated Delivery Dates

Place the below CSS code in your checkout.liquid or checkout.css / checkout.scss.liquid under assets:

span[data-shipping-method-label-title="FedEx Ground"]{
visibility: hidden;

span[data-shipping-method-label-title="FedEx Ground"]:before {
content: "FedEx Ground (2-7 business days)";
visibility: visible;
line-height: 0px;

.display-table .radio__label{
line-height: 0px;

This will change the delivery date to display ‘2-7 business days’

However, I tried using javascript and jquery instead CSS but it was not working for me. If you have any better solution please let me know.



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