Busy vs Productive

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Being busy and getting things done can be two very different things. Most of us respond very often while working “Busy, Very Busy”. In this era being busy is just an excuse to ourselves. Let’s check out some differences between being busy and effective/productive:

  1. Busy people say “Yes” very quickly. On the other hand, effective people take the time to think before they respond.

    My goal is no longer to get more done, but rather to have less to do. — Francine Jay


  2. Productive people understands which tasks matters. They prioritize effectively. And busy people often forgets to prioritize the tasks.
  3. Productive people always look at the big picture and they know how to say “No”. Busy people hamper their productivity by not saying “No” to inappropriate tasks. And often it leads to a big loss.
  4. Busy people tries to show how little time they have. On the other hand, productive people make time for important stuff.
  5. “I do multitask” is often stated by busy people. Multitasking is necessary but doing multitask all the time can hamper one or two important tasks. Productive people tries to focus on important tasks so that they can finish them before the deadline.

  6. Busy people responds their email real quick. Productive people skips them more often and reply back later. In this way, they can utilize their time and do not get distracted.
  7. Busy people make other people busy. This is harmful when your boss is like that. On the other hand, productive people tries to make other people effective.

It is very important to become more effective for a company. You can start practicing that from today. Companies nowadays do not compromise productivity over a faster outcome.



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